Who is Auntie D?

A Tout a L’heure

Have you ever just wanted to walk away and start a new life? Just leave it all behind and start over? You KNOW you have…. we ALL have! There just aren’t many of us who have done that, or WILL do that. Recently, after a bad night at work, I was thinking about my new, fantasy life, when it hit me ….. I could just create my “new” life right here inside my “old” life. I mean, there are pieces of my “old” life that I love and would never give up, right? OMG, this is GENIUS (as most ideas at 3am are)!! And so the journey begins (and you get to ride along with me, you lucky thing, you) of replacing the parts of my world I do not enjoy in order to create a new, beautiful, and uniquely fabulous world!

In this blog, I will share my love for life, family, animals, travel, health, all things beautiful and fresh, and delicious foods. I am “Auntie D” to a gaggle of (mostly girl) lovey (human) monsters, ranging in age from 12 years to 1 year. These kiddos are a huge part of my world! They inspire my projects, ideas, designs, etc. Sometimes we actually get projects completed together, and other times we laugh at our “learning experience”. We are always doing something, creating something, getting in trouble with the “adults,” but best of all, we are creating beautiful bonds and hilarious memories! Not only am I bossed around by a gaggle of children, but also by a menagerie of animals that have rescued me over the years. They allow me to live on their farm, love them, feed them, spoil them … you get the picture, right?!?

The tips, crafts, and recipes I share will help you find a simple, successful way to create YOUR uniquely fabulous world. In this fast-paced world we live in, we need moments to slow down and enjoy. We need time to express our creativity, but then we also need time to enjoy the world we are creating. My ideas are simple and beautiful. I love to design, create, and work until it is perfect. I especially love to up-cycle and embellish existing products for a unique look. Gather your friends, your children, and the people that you love and join in this adventure … I will give you the “inspirations” and you customize it!

We have now arrived at my most favorite part of my world …… DIRT. I am a self proclaimed dirt-o-holic and this is my FAVORITE time of year ….. GARDENING TIME!! I can’t wait to get my hands dirty, smell the fresh earth, and get seeds/plants in the ground. My maternal Great-Grandmother introduced me to garden dirt. I remember helping her plant pansies near the front porch and the most delicious sweet corn out in the garden. My paternal Grandmother, aka “The Pickle Queen,” continued my gardening, harvesting, pickling, preserving, and cooking experiences for the rest of our time together. Sadly, she passed away a few years ago, but not before she instilled the love of pickling in my two (boy) lovey monsters. They are constantly reminding me, “it is about time to get cucumber seeds started,” “isn’t it time to work on the garden?” and “TIME TO MAKE GRANDMA’S PICKLES”!! They are both old enough to use knives in the kitchen and take great pride in helping to cut the cucumbers up. Pickles have been one of the most treasured memories in our family and I love sharing it with them!

My friends call me “eternally curious” and I describe myself as “stubbornly determined and independent.” So what does this mean for you, my fellow adventurers? Well, this means I latch on to ideas, figure out the simplest, most cost effective, fastest way to achieve beautiful results and then share them with you!!! So come join me on this lifestyle adventure full of eclectic creativity, recipes, travel secrets, tips, inspiration, and laughter…. LOTS of laughter, as we create our uniquely fabulous worlds together. Make sure to sign up for my emails (COMING SOON), as only subscribers receive exclusive creative components, free stuff, additional design elements for projects, and much more. I will not sell or share your information… or bombard you with annoying junk (we are trying to replace that in our new worlds, right?!?)

I commit to you the “inspirations” to create your unique and beautiful world, whatever that may be. At the very least, the beauty created will be the smiles on our faces.

See you soon!

~Auntie D