Chowder Time

The “monsters” have spoken! I asked the kiddos what New England food theme they wanted for our Super Bowl party on Sunday (Go Pats!) and was met with a resounding “LOBSTER” from several of them. Uuummm, I am not feeding everyone lobster, omg. Besides, it won’t taste the same as it does back home in […]


New series for 2019 – Week One

In this new, fifty two week series, I will address one of four categories of wellness every week. “Me time” will focus primarily on self care. “Healthy Habits” will focus on diet, exercise, and health trends. “Uplugged” will find ways/ideas to spend time away from electronics, screens, and discover the world around us. And “Sparkle” […]


2 Turtle doves … a reflection

As we celebrate this holiday season, I am reminded of how important friends and family are. In doing a bit of research for this blog, I learned the 2 turtle doves in “the 12 Days of Christmas” are representative of lifelong partners. Turtle dove birds, aka lovebirds, mate for life AND share in life duties […]