All the yummy things that we can possibly make belong here. We will keep it as healthy as possible, but there is something to be said for a little “sneak treat” once in a while, right?!?!?

Bring on the Bacon!

Just a few more days to go and we need some protein added to our menu! Remember the discussion I had with my “monsters”? Well, the next thing they yelled out after “lobster” was “MAPLE SYRUP.” New England is very well known for their maple syrup, I agree, but how on earth can we incorporate […]


And a Partridge in a Pear Tree

OMGoodness, did someone say “pear”? These are some of the most versatile and delicious fruits on our planet! Flavors can range from sweet and syrupy to spicy. Pears are also some of the easiest fruits to bake, poach, grill, and make look elegant with very little effort (shhh, don’t tell). While “poached pears” sound rather intimidating […]


3 French Hens ….. not really

If you have been following me these last 7 days, you have probably noticed a theme …. if I’ve been doing my job well enough. I have been working hard to strike a balance between blogging and real life. Some days I have been successful and other days/weeks, not so much. But I’m trying. Anyway, […]


4 Fun and Fabulous Treats

Grab your kiddos and make these 4 amazing treats together. They are probably home on Winter Break now, so make some memories, have fun, AND get ready for the upcoming Holiday. You don’t have to tell them they are actually being productive, but how fun will it be for them to take the credit on Christmas Day. […]


5 Finger Foods

Here we are with 5 days left until Christmas Day, so here are 5 ideas for great Finger Foods to get your party started. Truthfully, I don’t need a big meal and would prefer to just do finger foods all day, but many have traditions and expectations for a special meal. How ever you choose […]


15 minute Apple Pie Pastries

We FINALLY had a weekend together to celebrate Fall! The weather was absolutely perfect, too ….. cool enough for him and lots of sunshine for me. We accomplished several projects that I will get put together and post here for you because they are quick, easy, fun, and simply “marvelous, daaarling.” In any event, we […]