Auntie D

Hibernation Mode

I succumbed to “blah.”  The grey skies, the bone chilling temps, the snow and ice, the short days, the “nothing is going right,” got the better of this girl. My normal happy, perky, lively, inquisitive, busy, creative persona put on her pjs, curled up under a dog pile and blankets, and hoped this winter madness […]


Bring on the Bacon!

Just a few more days to go and we need some protein added to our menu! Remember the discussion I had with my “monsters”? Well, the next thing they yelled out after “lobster” was “MAPLE SYRUP.” New England is very well known for their maple syrup, I agree, but how on earth can we incorporate […]


Chowder Time

The “monsters” have spoken! I asked the kiddos what New England food theme they wanted for our Super Bowl party on Sunday (Go Pats!) and was met with a resounding “LOBSTER” from several of them. Uuummm, I am not feeding everyone lobster, omg. Besides, it won’t taste the same as it does back home in […]