Washi Tape Banner

Let’s make this quick and easy washi tape banner, shall we? It is super versatile, so you can use it almost anywhere you can hang tape.
Tape/secure your twine to your working surface.
Cut your washi tape at least twice the length you want your pendant to be. I added a little extra, just in case.
Turn tape upside down, slide under twine to center of piece of tape.
Fold tape over twine. Can you can see how I folded this end under just a bit and secured it to my work surface? This helps to stabilize your washi tape so that your fold over goes smoothly and aligns properly.
Complete the fold over and make sure the edges are aligned as closely as possible.
Square the end of your pennant.
It may not be perfect every time, but get it as close as you can.
Fold the pennant in half.
You can fold the entire pennant in half to start with, but once you get a feel for the technique you may only need to fold the bottom portion of the pennant before you cut it.
Once folded, cut the pennant at an angle to make the traditional banner type pennant shape.
By folding the edges together you will get a much more uniform cut than if you just tried to “eyeball” it.
TaDa! One pennant is ready to go!
I usually add all the tape pennants, level them, and then cut the traditional banner pennant edge. It is easier to get all the pennants the same length by doing it this way.
Add your pennant banner to whatever project you created it for. The End.

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