Custom Canvas Art

This is the fastest and easiest art you will ever create. Everyone will wonder where you found such gorgeous, custom decor for your home, office, or party. Tell our little “secret” only if you wish. Since we are all super busy people, let me show you how to make this happen in less than 30 minutes. The most time consuming part is choosing the image and iron on pattern …. seriously!

Choose your size. I will be using these 5×7 white canvas. Feel free to layer sizes for your perfect design.

Choose your iron on pattern. They have so many beautiful multi-design packs available that it is hard to choose just one, as you can see. I am doing an Easter theme, so these pastel, botanical prints were perfect.
After selecting the image you wish to use for your canvas, test it. I always size it on a scrap piece of paper before cutting my expensive iron on or vinyl. I started with a 3.5 x 4.5 inch image and placed it on my 5×7 inch canvas. It looked good, but it was just a little too small to achieve the high impact, but minimalist, look I am going for.
Perfect! I increased the image size to 4×6 inches on my 5×7 inch canvas and it was exactly what I was looking for.
How about this gorgeous blue and white pattern iron on!
This will be stunning in my sister’s coastal themed home. It will add a bright pop of color to her white mantle. It reminds me of Delft blue we would see all over Holland during our travels. Super excited to see how this turns out.
Place your iron on SHINY/PATTERN SIDE DOWN on your mat. Don’t screw this up (voice of experience) and waste your material!
Turn your MIRROR IMAGE ON when preparing to cut. Again, don’t screw this up and waste your material (voice of experience).
Here they are after being cut and the excess material “weeded” (removed from around the design). This seriously took less than 5 minutes!
Turn them over to make sure they look the way you hoped. Cut them apart from one another so you can put one on each canvas. Don’t worry about cutting close to the edges of the design, just separate the two images. Since they will be used independently of one another there is no concern for overlapping edges.
How cute are these ?!?! My sister is going to fall in L-O-V-E. Ok, place the image on your canvas. You should still have the clear plastic on the design at this point. It has a little bit of sticky to it so once your design is where you want it, press down to lightly adhere it to your canvas.

Make sure your iron is set to the cotton/linen temperature. Since we are working with a canvas we won’t be pressing down as hard as we do on a T-shirt or similar craft. We need the heat to do all the work for us this time.
Once my image is placed on the canvas, I take the very tip of my hot iron and lightly press a little piece of the design to the canvas. This prevents the iron on from slipping out of place when I cover it. Just hold it for a few seconds, enough to get a foot tacked down on this particular design.
Cover your design and canvas with a very light piece of fabric. I use a flour sack kitchen towel. Iron over your design, pressing very lightly and holding for a few seconds over each section. Remember we are letting the heat do the work for us. Pressing too hard will put dents in your canvas, so be careful. It is better to go over the design several times with the heat, than to press too hard.
Once your design is adhered to the canvas, remove the plastic “backing.” I check all of my edges to make sure they are adhered well. There are many schools of thought on the temperature to remove it. I do it when the backing is still warm, but cool enough for me to handle and not burn my fingerprints off. LOL. SAVE THIS PIECE OF BACKING, just in case you find a piece that is not adhered well, you can place this back over your image and iron again.
Repeat the process with the next canvas.
Carefully remove the backing once you are sure the design is well adhered to your canvas.
Boom! Custom canvas art.
Embellish if you wish or style as desired. Sister has an eye for minimalist art, so I will spray these canvases with clear coat/ModPodge and get them up on her mantle.

You can do this with ANY image, theme, design you choose. Your imagination is the limit. Don’t forget to comment, like and follow my page here and at I will be posting more completed Easter design ideas, so check back often. Post pictures of your custom canvas art, as well, I LOVE to see what you create!!

See you soon!

~Auntie D

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