Love is in the air!

Create beautiful, inexpensive, quick, and easy canvases for your home decor, party, office, or to give as gifts …. your imagination is the limit!

Look at all the canvases at Dollar Tree! Grab whatever you need and let’s get to this project!

Remember this technique from NYE? I used a 5×7 canvas and gold thumbtacks. I created the design with the thumbtacks upside down. Once it was exactly how I wanted it, I double checked my measurements, flipped the thumbtacks over, and inserted into the canvas.

For this design I used a 6×8 canvas …. recycled from a “learning experience” earlier in the month lol.  I removed all the nails (they were the wrong ones) and was left with a canvas full of holes.

Deciding to still do a version of string art, I grabbed some pink yarn, a tapestry needle, and sewed my heart in place using the nail holes.

I started in the center of the heart template.

Make sure to put a good knot in the end of the string so it doesn’t pull through the canvas while you are working. Repeat the knot process when you have completed your design to hold everything in place.

Stitch your design in place. I chose to cross over the center, but you could also do a straight up and down stitch. Use your imagination and go with it. If you don’t like it, you can take it out and re-do it, no big deal.

RE-DO! I didn’t like the few stitches at the very end. They overlapped the center of the heart and made it look sloppy so I (very gently) pulled them out the way they went in. I then threaded the needle UNDER the center stitches of the heart to complete the design.

Much better!

Back to a 5×7 canvas for this design. I printed out the “XOXO” on paper after settling on the font called Britannic Bold, size 150 in Microsoft Word. Once you design what you like, print it out and center it on the canvas. Using your tapestry needle poke holes around the letters so that you have a basic outline of the word to stitch. Space your holes evenly and make sure you have the same number of holes on each side of the letter. Remember this is just an outline right now, you will go back and fill it in later.

**TIP if you have an ice pick, nail, or other pokey thing to make these holes with, USE IT! The tapestry needle makes your fingers quite sore when poking holes. Just make sure the diameter of the hole is similar to the needle you are using.

Remove the paper and begin stitching your outline.

Once the outline is completed, you will go back and fill the letters in with more thread/yarn until you are happy with the way it looks.

Not too shabby for my first attempt ever, aye??

If you didn’t get a chance to do this for Valentine’s Day, don’t fret because I am working on the CUTEST Easter canvas, ever!! If you want to give it a try before then, shamrocks would look pretty awesome on these canvases. Just find your image, print it out and get started! Hope you enjoyed this blog and stayed tuned for the next one.

See you soon!

~Auntie D

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