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It is time to shine! I was feeling like my sparkle had fizzled out quite a bit. The holidays took their exhausting toll, work is at its peak, and this crazy weather with grey skies and #snowmageddon absolutely pushed me to my limit! I knew it was time to recharge my sparkle and what better way to do that than to get my creativity flowing! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and these Pom Pom Hearts at really caught my eye. Now I did not get these right on my first attempt, or my second, or my third, but on my fourth attempt the magic happened and it was a beautiful thing!! So don’t give up … keep going … worst case scenario you have some great pom poms to go with your pom pom hearts. See what I did with them at the end of this tutorial … soooo cute!!

Each heart takes 3 pom poms to create. Vary your yarns for unique creations.


So, the new puppy decided to go take a nap on my bed and I decided that was the PERFECT time to make these Pom Pom Hearts. He was being his normal puppy self and attacking my yarn spools earlier in the day, so I had given up. When he trotted over to the bed, I gave him a boost up, he settled in and I was like, “Game on, it’s Pom Pom Time!” I knew I had to be quick, so I pulled my supplies out, got set up and guess who decided lap napping was better … puppy. He must have been really sleepy because he climbed up and zonked right out. Sweet!! Sshhhh, not too loud … let’s do this.

Measure a length of yarn the length of your forearm, cut, and set aside.

Take the end of your yarn spool and thread between your pinky and middle finger to create a “tail.”

Begin wrapping yarn around 3 or 4 fingers (I used 4 fingers bc my hands are small).

Keep yarn as straight as you can. This makes it easier to slide off your hand and makes for a more uniform pom pom.

Wrap 60 times each for 2 of the pom poms. For the third pom pom you will wrap 75 times. TeeHee, the puppy is snoring …. adorable zzzzz’s.

After you have the appropriate “wraps” cut the yarn, leaving another “tail.” Lay your hand so that the first piece of yarn you cut and set aside is centered on the wrapped yarn.

Bring the ends up, keeping the yarn centered, so that you can tie a knot to secure.

You will be tying a TIGHT double knot. Did I mention TIGHT?!? Get a second set of hands to help if you need it. As you can see, my puppy was asleep … no help at all!! LOL

Slide it all very gently off your hands and then work on securing that double knot.

TaDa! Once your knot is tightly secured you should have a little disc of yarn. Cut your two “tails” to the length of your pom fibers.

Put your scissors inside the loops and begin cutting. I pull up with the bottom blade to try to center the cut as best I can. This keeps your pom pom fibers close to equal lengths. This will make more sense in a bit.

Cut one half of the yarn disc….

…and then cut the other half. Again, pulling up slightly with the scissors to center your cut.

And you have a very fuzzy, wild haired pompom. Good Job!

Now it is time for the haircut. This is MESSY, so I cut these over one of those Amazon cardboard boxes I saved. (See, there IS a reason to keep them!) It keeps the cut pieces contained and much easier to get into the trash when you are done.

You will cut the 75 strand pom pom into a cone shape, as this will be the bottom of your heart.

Don’t cut it perfectly at this point, but get the general shape completed.

You will then take the 60 strand pom poms and cut into half circle shapes.

Try to cut them into equal sizes as best you can.

And here is a pom pom bikini LOL!! But seriously, this is how you will tie these 3 pom poms together. The 2 half circle poms with go on top of the cone pom to form the heart shape.

Tie one on at a time. It is SUPER important to tie these together AS TIGHT AS POSSIBLE! It took me a few times to get this right. If you get them too loose, the top pieces just flop around and make no heart shape. Trust me, here!

Tie a TIGHT double knot.

Now that you have the first pom secured, it is time to add the second pom. You can cut away one set of strings at this point, usually the strings from the 60 strand pom. I cut them to the length of the existing pom pom fibers so they just blend in. It really makes it easier to attach the next pom, so you won’t be fighting so many strings.

Attach the second pom. Again, tie this together TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT! Get some helpful extra hands to get this accomplished. FYI, puppies are NOT helpful!

Cut the next set of strings away, leaving just the 2 strings from the 75 strand pom pom. Again, cut them to the same length as the pom pom fibers so they just blend in.

You should have 2 long strings left to hang the pom pom heart with at this point. And you should have 3 pom poms tied tightly together to form somewhat of a heart shape. Don’t get frustrated or discouraged at this point…keep going … it gets better!

Now we do the REAL haircut! Remember how messy this is and cut over your box. I began by shaping the bottom into a “V” shape.

Once I was satisfied with the bottom, I moved to the top “V” in between the 2 smaller poms on top. (I am holding the long strings for hanging in my hand, so I don’t accidentally cut them too)

HOLD YOUR LONG STRINGS OUT OF THE WAY and be careful you don’t snip them! I cut each side of the center “V” shape at an angle.

..and then cut out the center of the “V.” Make small cuts … you can always take more off. Round the tops a bit and you are all finished.

Make them all the same or very different, whatever catches your eye and imagination. You can do so many things with these …. cut the strings off and scatter them as little pillows … hang them individually …. give them as sweet gifts … your imagination is the limit!

I decided to make a banner with these 3 pom pom hearts, so I cut a length of yarn to suit.

That looked a little plain to me, so I decided to fluff it up a bit. I made up some more 60 strand pom poms to thread my banner yarn through (using a doll maker or embroidery needle). And BOOM! a fluffy garland for the mantle!

He didn’t even notice all the pom poms I piled on him! Look how fast that was … you have a completed project in the time it takes a puppy to nap. Wonder how long it will be before I can get up and hang it on the mantle …. let sleeping puppies lie!

Have a great time completing this project with your kids, your family, your BFFs, or just by yourself! Don’t forget to post some pics of your completed projects on so I can see what amazing things you created!

See you soon!

~Auntie D

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