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How ever you choose to say it, it all means the same thing … DRINK UP! While I do enjoy my adult beverages, for the Week 2 blog I am talking about WATER! Thankfully, I do also enjoy drinking water and am rarely without, but I have many friends and family that do not. Here are some tricks, tips, and informative “droplets.” 💦

💧Why do I need water?

Our bodies are composed of 50-60% water. On the most basic level, our cells need water to be able to function and since our cells control our bodies, WE need water to function. Water also does cool stuff like cushion our organs, filter toxins, remove waste, lubricate our joints, lubricate our respiratory tract, thin secretions, circulate oxygen, regulate body temperature, improve our complexion, and much more!

💧How much water do I really need?

In researching this frequently asked question, I have learned that it varies person to person; however, I found an actual formula provided by that gives a basic guideline of dividing your weight in pounds by 2 to give you the number of ounces of water you should drink daily. Divide this number by 8 to get the number of 8oz glasses you need to consume. For example, 135#/2 = 67.5oz daily/8oz = 8.4 glasses of water daily or 67.5oz/32oz cup = 2 daily … in short, divide your oz. daily by the size of your container.

💧Can I drink too much water?

While it IS possible to drink too much water, it is very rare. This condition is called water intoxication and can cause a dangerously low level of sodium in your blood. This condition can be fatal. Again, it is extremely rare, but be careful not to over do it. Also, please feel free to talk with your health care provider prior to starting any new health regimens, diet changes, etc. to make sure they will not cause any complications.

⏰The best times to drink water.

#1 When you wake up – get your cells (and body) ready for the day. Drink 8oz of fresh water when you first wake up. Room temperature water absorbs into our system faster, while cold/ice water is claimed to increase our metabolism (yes,please!). Your choice.

#2 Before meals/snacks or when you feel hungry. Not only will this help to fill you up and keep your calorie count in check, water lubricates the stomach and dilutes stomach acid to help ease digestion and maximize absorption of nutrients. It may also be true that your “hunger pangs” are actually requests for water, so drink some before you grab that snack and see if it alleviates the “pangs.”

#3 When you feel sleepy (or cranky). Dehydration can manifest itself with sleepiness and/or irritability. So, if you feel it or your companions mention it, try a glass of water before you grab that afternoon coffee or energy drink.

#4 Before and After a workout. It seems the most standard consensus is that you need 4oz of water for every 15minutes of working out. Keep in mind this does not account for temperature and humidity levels where you are being active.

#5 Before you go to bed. There are conflicting reports on this topic, so do your research and what works best for you. Drinking a small glass of water before bed can help to “preload” your hydration status for the water loss through respiratory evaporation while you sleep. It also “preloads” your kidneys and may make you have to get up to pee during the night. The nay-sayers say it is more important to get uninterrupted sleep and that you should drink your water from the time you wake until 3 hours before you do to sleep. Again, do what works best for your situation.

#6 To ward off or recover from illness. Bacteria and viruses don’t typically last long in a well hydrated body. Our cells are functioning at optimal levels so our little army cells show up rather quickly to defend us against these invaders and our organs, which are also functioning at optimal levels, flush those invaders right out of our systems! Bye, Bye, Bugs!


Get Spicy! Add different natural flavors to your water such as fruits and herbs. Here are some awesome combos to get you started.

Design and/or Use a Bottle “Timer.”
There are gobs of pre-made bottles out there to help keep your hydration on track. Buy one, make one, or buy the vinyl to put on your own bottle …. what ever you want, just make sure to drink!!  Here are some great examples for you to peruse.

Download a hydration app on your cell phone. There are many free ones out there for every phone. Check the place you find your apps and use the one that best suits your needs. If you want to start simple or don’t want an app, you can always set alarms on your phone to “ding you” for a drink!

Eat your water – Good news! Good news! Watermelon, spinach, cucumbers, citrus fruits, strawberries, and lettuce contain quite a bit of water. Research shows that we may actually get about 20% of our fluid intake from things we eat, especially this time of year when soups and stews frequent our tables, so don’t forget to include this in your daily intake totals. Ha! Is anyone actually writing totals down or are we all just looking at our skin and urine for hydration status?

(photo from skinnyms.)

For good measure, you may certainly want to write down or input on the app your water intake as you get started on your hydration adventure. Start slow, don’t go chugging water all at once, but increase your intake every day until you reach your target daily ounces. Once you get going, though, you will be able to tell from your skin and/or urine if you are hydrated. Our urine should be light yellow to clear with no odor, unless you eat asparagus LOL. Our skin should be bright, supple, and glowing. Any deviation needs to be investigated, but make sure to consider hydration early in the process. Remember it only takes 21 days to build a habit. The health benefits are overwhelming and you are the only you we have!💦

Have a hydrating week! See you soon.
~Auntie D

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