3 French Hens ….. not really

If you have been following me these last 7 days, you have probably noticed a theme …. if I’ve been doing my job well enough. I have been working hard to strike a balance between blogging and real life. Some days I have been successful and other days/weeks, not so much. But I’m trying. Anyway, on to the French Hens. Most of you know I’m vegetarian, so hens are super safe (and would be super, spoiled rotten, if I had any) in my world, but French cuisine/France is one of my absolute favorites. So here are 3 of my favorite and absolutely delicious, not to mention, easy, French recipes.

As a child, I remember running to the street corners in Paris, racing my siblings, for CREPES!! We would jump up and down as they poured the batter, waited until it bubbled, flipped it, smeared on the Nutella, folded it into quarters, and hand us warm, gooey, chocolately crepes …. that lasted about 15 seconds in our little hands! LOL. You can use Nutella, sliced fruits, or go traditional with butter and sugar. My mouth is watering!! Enjoy making these for your family and friends …. think thin pancakes and you will have it mastered in a snap. Thanks to http://www.delscookingtwist.com for the pictures, recipe, and great instruction.

So, we were watching the cooking channel the other evening and stumbled upon The Pioneer Woman on Food Network. She was doing her family Christmas and sharing her recipes with us. I almost fell out of my chair when she did a Burgundy Mushroom recipe!! I had to try it asap to see if it is as good as mine, of course…. and it was pretty darn delicious. The cooking is time consuming (simmer for 8 hours), as they all are, but it uses ingredients you will have around the house or can get easily at your local stores. Putting it all together is simple, waiting for the finished product is hard, but oh, so worth it! Don’t fret if you can’t find a burgundy wine, a pinot noir is a great substitute. Give this a try, you will love it!

Last, but certainly not least, is a French Beef Burgundy recipe. This is very similar to our Beef Stew, but uses a few different ingredients to add new flavors to your palate. I make a vegetarian version of this stew starting with the Burgundy Mushroom recipe above. Who doesn’t love coming home to the perfect stew simmering on the stove? The entire house smells amazing. Add in a few homemade rolls and Ooh La La, you have a perfect evening with your loved ones! Try this version from The Spruce Eats.

Have a wonderful day! See you tomorrow.

~Auntie D


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