4 Fun and Fabulous Treats

Grab your kiddos and make these 4 amazing treats together. They are probably home on Winter Break now, so make some memories, have fun, AND get ready for the upcoming Holiday. You don’t have to tell them they are actually being productive, but how fun will it be for them to take the credit on Christmas Day. These treats are fun, quick, easy, and store extremely well. Let’s get busy!

#1 Turtle Pretzel

These things are GENIUS!! Yes, this IS the 1st time I have ever seen or eaten these. Not sure how I’ve missed out on these, but NEVER AGAIN! You can substitute any nut you like, but for this particular batch we used pecans.

🎄Line your cookie sheets with parchment paper just in case things get messy.

🎄Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.

🎄Lay your whole pretzels down flat.

🎄Center a rolo candy in the middle of your pretzel twist.

🎄Place pan in oven for 1-2 minutes, until candy is shiny.

🎄Remove pan from oven.

🎄Place whole pecan on top of rolo candy and gently press down to spread candy onto pretzel.

🎄Let cool and they are ready to eat and stash away for Christmas Day.

#2 Pretzel Sandwich

Use the same instructions from above, but this time use the small, square butter pretzels and sandwich the rolo in between 2 pretzels. I like these even better than the Turtle Pretzels!

#3 Christmas Crinkle Cookies (aka Cool Whip Cookies)

These are quick, easy, and delicious! Change the cake mix flavor to suit your purpose. For example I use yellow or butter cake mix for the Christmas cookies, lemon and strawberry cake mixes for summer, carrot cake mix for Fall, etc, etc. You get the idea. (Images from google.)

#4 Tortilla Snowflakes

I saved these for last because these are soooo much fun! Once you get them started using their imaginations to cut snowflake designs it can be hard to get them to do anything else! LOL. You can make these sweet or savory, large or small. Your imagination is the limit for these!!

Ok, have a wonderful day! See you back here tomorrow.

~Auntie D

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