5 Finger Foods

Here we are with 5 days left until Christmas Day, so here are 5 ideas for great Finger Foods to get your party started. Truthfully, I don’t need a big meal and would prefer to just do finger foods all day, but many have traditions and expectations for a special meal. How ever you choose to do it, make special memories and spend lots of time with those you love and hold dear!

#1 Grinch Kabobs

How cute are these? How EASY are these? Thank you Pinterest!! Everyone will enjoy these festive fruit bites so make sure to fill a platter (and probably have some in the fridge on reserve).

#2 O Tannenbaum Veggie plate

Here are several different examples from Pinterest.

#3 Charcuterie Board

These are super popular right now, so why not give it a try. We will start with the pronunciation (shar-coo-tur-ee). The general theory is to mix meats, cheeses, nuts, fruits, jams/jelly/honey to create a treasure of tastes. There are tons of examples of combinations to use online, so do some research or just wing it, whatever suits.

#4 Crescent Roll Veggie Bars

You can layer any mixture of ingredients on these, but the veggies looks so festive! Recipe and photos from “Just A Taste.”

#5 Mini Mac-n-Cheese Bites

Let’s add a bit more of “savory” to this menu and who doesn’t love mac-n-cheese?!? These are so easy to make AND eat! The recipe and photos are from oldhousetonewhome.net.
Ok…that is all for the moment. See you tomorrow!

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