7 Days of Scrambling

I know this may sound repetitive, but…. time has gotten away from me again! Hopefully I am not the only one this has happened too, and judging from the frenzies I witnessed at the local shops, I believe this to be true. In any event, WE HAVE 7 DAYS LEFT to make our season merry and bright, so let’s get busy.

1- Download a Christmas Countdown app to your phone.
Because you aren’t feeling enough pressure, right?!?! I actually found a really pretty one with snowflakes falling … it is hypnotic, beautiful, and serene. I can actually adjust the rate the snowflakes fall to create a blizzard or gentle snow. There are many of these available … just go to your play store or wherever you get your apps, and see what you like.  Best of all, they are FREE.

2- Dust.
Now don’t get too crazy with this because we are out of time to do a perfect dust job at this point. Now is the time to just knock any big clumps off the ceiling fans, tops of shelves, ceiling corners, and get those big dust devils out from under the furniture. A shop vac works great for both of these tasks! Enlist the help of your little ones and turn it into a game …. Mom will push the “devil” off the fan and you suck it up! Whatever you do, DON’T call it a “bunny” of any kind …. trust me on this one! LOL

3- Decorate.
Put the finishing touches on trees and wreaths. Get the Christmas cards you have received and piled up placed on this quick and super easy Ribbon Star or Twine Tree.

Use this same design, but larger, on a wall or door to hang your Christmas cards on!

Thread green twine through the centers of clothes pins to make a wall tree to hold Christmas cards …. something like this ….

4- Purchase.
Ribbon/twine, tall thumbtacks, clothespins. Plus any last minute gifts you need. Grab an extra gift or two for the unexpected…. an amaryllis or candle or succulent is simple, inexpensive, but high impact. Don’t get perishables,  yet…

Wrap it like you stole it! I know, I know, I like to get all my gifts to wrap and wrapping supplies together, create a wrapping station, and do it all at once. We don’t have time for that ….so wrap it as you find/buy it!

6- Hide.
Hide your gifts, wrapped or un-wrapped, or place them under/in the tree. Don’t forget to hide yourself for a few minutes to enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine … who are we kidding, take that airplane size bottle (or two) of your favorite liquor, hide in the bathroom, and down it!!!

Get those Christmas cards in the mail. Sit down and get them sent to family and friends that would be MOST offended if they didn’t receive one from you this year. Everyone can wait for the Valentine’s Day cards.

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