6 days of “Scheming”

While it is 6 days until the main event, for those with school aged children, you realistically only have a few more days before they are out of school for winter break, right. Time to make our moments of “freedom” count!

Today is “List Day.” What does the song say, “making a list, checking it twice.”

Check your gift list.

How are those gifts coming? Got everything wrapped and under the tree or are you still waiting to take advantage of all the huge sales out there? Waiting for Amazon to deliver? Make sure to have a few extras around for the unexpected. Yes, I know I said this yesterday…. must be important, so pay attention! LOL.

Here are a few ideas I found for last minute/economical/high impact buys.

Succulent Tea Lights from amazon.com. Look how realistic these little beauties are. The price is excellent and there are multiple choices for quantity.

Aldi has some gorgeous champagne flutes, cocktail shaker, and bar tools in their ad for this week.

Aldi also has queen or king size, lightweight down alt comforters. Great to have around for the unexpected or expected guest.

Barnes and Noble has reading socks by Ellen! As if reading socks weren’t amazing enough, they are designed by an amazing woman. Yes, please!! Can’t wait to curl up with my favorite book by the fire🔥🍷🐕

Check your menu/food list.

Time to plan your menu, gather all the baking supplies and non-perishables. Check the sale ads as there are amazing prices out there. I think HyVee and Aldi have all their sugars for ridiculously low prices right now!

Check your cleaning list.

Today is glass day. Get those windows, mirrors, storm doors, and glasses shining! While you are at it, shine all the faucets and chrome around the house. I use Norwex cloths and products for quick, easy, no chemical cleaning. Just add water and clean. (Disclaimer: I am an independent consultant for Norwex). And with no residue left by detergents to attract dirt, your surfaces will stay cleaner, longer! You are welcome. 🤗

Check your guest list.

Who is coming? When? Do they have any dietary restrictions? Accommodation needs? Etc etc. Is there enough TP, kleenex, and hand sanitizer in your house for everyone??? Have extra toothbrushes and some dental floss around, just in case.

Check your table setting list.

Start washing all of your platters and bowls for Christmas dinner now. Plan your place settings, as well. Make sure everything is clean and ready to go on the table. That being said, this includes your linens…. tablecloths/napkins should be washed and pressed. I know this sounds a little over the top but my Grandma “C” instilled that in my psyche. I would rather have dust on the ceiling fan than wrinkles in my tablecloth …. who is looking up anyway?!? Lol.

Another table setting idea that is MUCH lower maintenance is using kraft paper. I buy the widest roll of heavy kraft paper at a local hardware store (Lowes) and cover the tables with it. The children especially love this and I take pictures of their artwork before I cut it out to give to their family. You need super, sticky tape to hold this paper on the table….regular scotch tape will not work….I use duct tape or packing tape.

Check your “you” list.

With all this frantic prep work we are doing, we need to take a moment just for us. Remember hiding in the bathroom yesterday with airplane sized bottles? Let’s take a walk around the block, take a quick milk bath, or a hot shower with a sugar scrub. These will help exfoliate your winter skin and help you absolutely glow!

Drink plenty of water, too. Staying hydrated and rested will help us all “survive” this season much better!

See you tomorrow!

~Auntie D

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