15 minute Apple Pie Pastries

We FINALLY had a weekend together to celebrate Fall! The weather was absolutely perfect, too ….. cool enough for him and lots of sunshine for me. We accomplished several projects that I will get put together and post here for you because they are quick, easy, fun, and simply “marvelous, daaarling.” In any event, we started with this easy apple pie pastry recipe, because what reminds you of Fall more than pumpkins? APPLES, right?! And who loves to eat more than the men in our lives, right?!?! So let’s get started.

(TIP: Feed them first and they will do anything you ask … HaHaHa).


  • 2 packages of crescent roll dough (makes 16 pastries total)
  • 1 Granny Smith apple, sliced or diced very thinly
  • combine 1/2 cup dark brown sugar with 1 TABLESPOON(TBSP) of ground cinnamon
  • 2-4 TBSP butter, softened … we use Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter (TIP: Aldi and Walmart have the best prices in our area for this awesome butter.)

Separate crescent dough into individual triangles. Brush softened butter onto dough.

Add thinly sliced/diced apples to top 1/4 of dough triangle.

We did 1st package of dough with sliced apples and the 2nd package of dough with diced apples … we had no preference for one over the other, they both worked well.

You want to make sure the apples are sliced/diced thinly as they are only getting about 10 minutes of cooking time. Pieces that are too thick won’t cook down as well and you will have hard, crunchy apple bites inside your pastry.

Sprinkle brown sugar/cinnamon mixture over apples and dough. I used a heaping TBSP per pastry and it balanced perfectly (for our taste buds) with the tartness of the Granny Smith apple slices. Adjust amount to suit your taste buds.

Roll dough as you normally would for a crescent roll, but fold pointy sides up to help keep apple pie ingredients inside the pastry.

(TIP: 1st fold over should hold all apple pieces, then roll normally)

Brush tops with melted butter for perfectly golden baked pastries.

Place in your preheated to 350F degree oven ….. set your timer for 10 minutes because these pastries cook quickly. FYI the dough package instructions say to cook at 375F degrees , but our oven runs hot, so adjust to your specific oven and taste.

OMG be prepared for apple pie amazingness when you open the oven door …. the smell of apples and cinnamon completely filled the kitchen and wafted down into the Sunday Football man cave …. it was enticing enough for my sweetie to come up and check it out LOL.

I removed ours at the 10 minute mark as they were golden, flaky on the outside and perfectly gooey on the inside… exactly like I expect warm apple pie to be! You may want or need to leave yours in for another 1-2 minutes, but don’t leave the kitchen and check frequently.

Another 1st for us … Halo Top ice cream. We have heard all the hype, from friends, advertisements, etc, and decided to give it a try. We stuck with the classic vanilla flavor to accompany our apple pie pastries …. it has been a favorite pairing for decades, so why change it! (The ice cream was yummy, btw …. perfect vanilla flavor, not too sweet, with a very creamy texture).

Apple Pie pastry a la mode. Drizzle a small amount of warm caramel over the top and it would be sensational. We didn’t have any, so we survived with simply “amazing.”

….. I had to take the plate away from him before he licked it clean!! We do have more, you know …. Hope you enjoy yours as much as we did 🍏

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