Create this GORGEOUS copper pitcher for pennies!!

When I purchased this “antique” French bath pitcher, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do with it.

I loved the structure of the piece, but was not so fond of the pink enameled surface. As I wandered through the estate sale, my mind kept returning to the pitcher. I finally listened to my “better half” and was able to negotiate an amicable purchase price. So off to the farm my ($2) “antique” French bath pitcher and I go. Oh, did I tell you that was last summer?? This piece has been sitting on my woodstove for a year as I pondered its fate.

This week I had a free moment and decided to wander around Hobby Lobby to gather inspiration for upcoming Fall projects. Over in the floral section these feathered grasses grabbed my attention immediately. Having no idea why I “needed” these things, but knowing to listen to my “better half” AND they were 50% off, I made the purchase. I refer to my creative intuition as my “better half” as she is typically several steps ahead of me and, thankfully, I have learned to adhere to her guidance lol.

We arrive at the farm. The weather is gorgeous…. sunny, warm, and breezy. The first thing I see in the mudroom is this can of spray paint. How or why it was there, I am not sure, but the creative wheels were all of a sudden spinning furiously … feathered grasses …. hammered copper spray paint …. a perfect summer day. OMG…. the pitcher! And the project simply came together just like that. I was super excited and barely took the time to change into spray paint worthy attire.

I did make an effort (minimal) to prep the pitcher for spray paint ….. wipe the dust off …. spray isopropyl alcohol on surface, wipe off, and air dry as we are headed outside to paint. Safety, what? Did I mention how excited I was?!? Anyway, pitcher was on the ground with the first light coat of spray paint in a matter of minutes. It dried very quickly and a second coat of paint was applied. Man, this Rust-oleum really lives up to its claims …. “no primer needed, can apply directly over rust, hides surface imperfections” … WOW! I love the hammered qualities of this paint and feel it added another dimension to the pitcher. Two coats were all that was needed. I did seal it with one coat of high gloss Modge Podge spray and allowed it to dry overnight.

WooHoo, let’s put this arrangement together!! You need feathered grasses or whatever you choose to use and brown packing/craft paper, you know, the stuff you save from your Amazon shipments?!?! =) Now, fill the base of your container with brown paper to the desired height (you can even use brown grocery bags). I recommend brown paper for its sturdy composition to hold your floral arrangement upright and in place. Tear the paper into large pieces, crumple them, and add to base of container. Add floral picks. You can rubber band the bases of picks together as I did (pictured) or you can add more torn, brown paper around the sides of container to stabilize the arrangement. Truthfully, the mouth of my pitcher is so wide, I will go purchase another 1 or 2 feathered grasses to add to my container. It is always a work in progress, right?!

Anyway, arrange, fluff, and tweak until it is perfect for you. Look what you have created!! Awesome job!!

I hope you have enjoyed this project. Don’t forget to “like,” “follow,” “share,” and “subscribe.” Also, send me pictures of your creations ( … I love to see what you have designed!! See you soon.


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