DIY Rope Coasters – Quick and easy home decor …. make great gifts, too!

I have had this bundle of rope sitting around my farm for long time with “some day” plans for it. Since it is pouring down rain here today, I was looking to create a quick, easy product INDOORS. Pinterest to the rescue!! I found tons of ideas for bowls and baskets and plates, but decided to start my rope crafting on a smaller scale, hence, the coaster idea.

You need rope, scissors, and low temperature glue gun/glue sticks. I emphasize LOW TEMPERATURE glue gun because you are going to get your fingers in this hot stuff, probably singe your fingerprints a few times and DEFINITELY ruin your manicure …. so, proceed with caution!

The hardest part is getting started!! But keep going, stick with it, these coasters are awesome!! The first one is a little time consuming, but the next 3 take just a few minutes to complete. To start, you fold the end of your rope back onto itself, hot glue about an inch strip, fold it over the original fold and hold in place until set. This, my friends, is where you alter your fingerprints …. I try to let that tiny strip of glue cool for a few moments before making the second fold to hold it in place. From here you just keep adding a small strip (1/2 to 1 inch) of glue on the rope and winding it around in a tight circle and holding until glue is secure.

Lay it on a hard surface every so often to make sure it will lay flat …. adjust as needed. After you get the “core” of the coaster secured (3 or 4 layers of rope) you can glue longer pieces of rope at a time (4-6 inches) or whatever you are comfortable with.

Upon completion of your desired coaster size (mine are approximately 4.5 inches in diameter), cut the end of the rope at an angle.

Add glue to the end and hold in place until secure. If desired, you can add washi tape, embroidery thread, or other embellishment to the end of the rope giving it your unique touch.

Head over to for LIVE instructional videos and some very cool, alternate designs! While you are here and there, please “like” “follow” and “share” my page/website for instant access to easy, beautiful projects. See you soon!!

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