Patriotic, Quick, and Easy Eats

So, I’ve waited until the last minute …. again! Fourth of July “snuck up” on me and I need some quick, easy, delicious, patriotic themed foods to prepare for our celebration.  Here are a few recipes for you in case you got “snuck up” on too!

20180706_095735  KABOBS/SKEWERS

Use any combination of ingredients below and place on skewers/picks:

  • Watermelon – Feta – Blueberries – Mint leaves
  • Strawberries – Bananas – Blueberries (add Nutella for WOW factor)
  • Strawberries – Marshmallows – Blueberries
  • Cherry tomatoes – Mozzerella – Basil leaves (may drizzle balsamic vinegar for added flavor)
  • Brownie bites – Strawberries – Marshmallows


Combine 1 CUP of halved/quartered cherry tomatoes, 3/4 CUP of whole blueberries, with 1 CUP of mozzerella balls (halved, cut to bite size). Add 2 Tablespoons of olive oil, 1 Tablespoon of Balsamic vinegar, and 1/4 CUP of fresh basil leaves (tear or chiffonade). Toss well. Refrigerate until served. May make 24 hours ahead. Serves 4.

MONTECRISTO SLIDERS  20180706_102449

Slice package of Hawaiian rolls in half horizontally – remove top layer and set aside.

Spread dijon mustard (I use homemade Blackberry Mustard) over cut side of rolls, cover the top and bottom layer. Lay bottom layer of rolls in a foil lined casserole pan.

Add 4 slices of swiss cheese to bottom layer of rolls.

Add 6 slices of ham on top of swiss cheese …. followed by 6 slices of turkey …. followed by 4 more slices of swiss cheese.

Place top layer of rolls on top of meat and cheeses.

Mix 1/4CUP of melted butter with 1 raw egg to make an “egg wash.”

Brush “egg wash” onto the tops of the Hawaiian rolls liberally.

Cover the casserole dish LOOSELY with foil – do not allow foil to touch rolls – use toothpicks to elevate foil if needed.

Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.

Remove foil from casserole dish and return pan to 350 degree oven for 10 minutes or until the tops of the rolls are golden brown.

Remove from oven and allow to cool slightly.

Cut rolls into individual sliders using a sharp knife, but do not remove from pan.

Dust tops of rolls with powdered sugar.

Provide side dish of blackberry preserves for dipping.

Watch these sliders disappear right before your eyes… grab one before they are gone!


Purchase ice cream sandwiches of your choice.

Let ice cream soften slightly, just enough that sprinkles adhere well.

Add popcicle stick/cupcake liner or tear off 2/3 of wrapper (to mitigate mess, if desired).

Dip edges of sandwich in Patriotic sprinkles.

Freeze until ready to serve.



Slice strawberries in half lengthwise OR make an “x” in the tip of the berry, leave green tops in place.

Spoon pre-made cheesecake filling into sandwich size ziploc bag.

Cut corner off ziploc bag to use for piping cheesecake filling onto/into berries.

Pipe cheesecake filling onto/into cut strawberries – if using as filling, the berries will expand as you fill it.

Add a few blueberries to top of cheesecake filling and any other garnish you choose.

Refrigerate until ready to serve.


Pictures and LIVE video instruction for these recipes will be on my Facebook page, so come see me there at . While you are there please make sure to “like” and “follow” my page. Hope to see you soon. Have a Happy and Safe 4th!!

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