FLOWERS!!! Free … Fast … Fabulous …

You need….

Recycled plastic bottle

Scissors/craft knife

Painters tape

Flowers/Greens you have collected

Water with a splash or sugar/white soda

Your imagination

Gather the flowers first, so you know what height to cut your water bottle. Once that is decided, cut your bottle and wrap in painter’s tape. I started at the top with a little overlap to cover the cut edge and wrapped downward. You can make it as fancy or simple as you like by adding designs or other decorative elements like patterned duct tape or washi tapes. Fill your container with water plus splash or sugar/white soda to make your flowers last longer. Change solution daily and “keep your vases as clean as your teacups,” so wash container to prevent bacteria from growing and killing your flowers. Now, the fun part, use your imagination and floral designer persona to create fabulous arrangements. Have fun and show me what you created!!

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